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What Yoga Clothing do I need?
Like most forms of exercise, you need clothing that will allow you to move and stretch easily without 'riding up' to reveal your tummy or other bits of you that you'd rather keep fully clothed! Some styles of yoga make you sweat more than others which is why people tend to wear a vest or camisole style top. Generally, people prefer to be able to move their arms and legs freely without excess fabric getting in the way. Natural fabrics or clothing made up of mainly natural fabrics with just a little bit of elasticity seems to work the best as they allow your body to breathe. Man made fibres tend to be 'slippery' and are not always ideal, particularly if your teacher is trying to adjust you in a pose. Yoga Bliss is available for yoga men and yoga women. You can see a full range of yoga clothing for men and women at our main site.

Yoga Clothing for Men
It can be more challenging to find suitable yoga clothes for men. YogaBloke.co.uk specialises in yoga products for men.



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An extensive range of yoga clothing for men and women. Unique and versatile yoga clothes for all types of yoga practice..

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